China-Service Recognition Achievement at IBM

Thanks for your recognition, that makes me exciting and exciting!

How time fast! It’s really lucky for me to live in such a great team; I’d like to wok here with you for another 50 years, just not sure whether I can see screen clearly when I’m 80 years old :).

  • HONG WEI SUN: Da is a role model in the team work and personal responsibility. I expected Da can grow more in his career here.
  • VINCENZO PASQUANTONIO: Congratulations on this significant achievement. You have always demonstrated passion for the success of our clients, and this recognition officially identifies you as on of the BEST in IBM. You are a tremendous asset to our team, our customers and our business. Keep up the great work!!
  • HAO ZHOU: Da is always the go-to person when you want to understand the details of L3 support tickets. Da’s contribution is not limited to L3 or CE deliveries, but also to Symphony roadmap release. His product knowledge, technical skills and dedication to customer success have been well recognized by Symphony team!
  • WENWEI LIU: Da provided excellent Support to Symphony clients e.g. Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Ameriprise etc. Da has deep Symphony proudct knowlege, great passion to help our clients, often work late in order to sync up with Toronto team to make sure we close the escalations quickly. He is a great plus to the team.
  • CHAO LI: Da Ma is a good and nice person. He started his work life at Platform Computing for Platform Symphony product as L3 support with partial roadmap development, and then put CE into his working scope in recent years. Now he is contributing his talent on GCG UR programs and open source evolution like Mesos, etc from 2015. He always keeps passions on technical issues and keeps smile. During his years in Symphony team, he learned product knowledge fast and extending his ability day by day. As a result, now, after 5 years, he successfully covered/involved almost all aspects projects of SOAM development. And during these 5 years, he also got excellent success on his life - he got married, and then became a happy father with daughter. The more important, he will reach the day of the first 5 Year Service Award as an IBMer. Here, please admit me say a “Congratulations” for him. I believe he will resume his much excellent life at the style of IBM Blue Symphony.
  • TAO TONG: A role model in Symphony L3 lead position. Well managed both support ,DEV and QA handle escalation, daily work with good quality and make customer happy. In your new role, still showed strong leadership and technical skills. Hope you continuously contribute to Symphony family!
  • QI LI: Congradulations !!! Da is really exellent at many areas, techinical, communication and management. And he can always provide good ideas and suggestions about these areas. Also he is so kindly to help team members to build team’s knowledge and expertise. Da also knows customer user case very well, and provide good solution to customers from CE, Level 3 projects. Da is really recognized by Symphony Family.
  • WEI GE: Congratulations to Da ^_^ He has good knowledge with diversity areas, no matter SOAM, GUI, EGO, he could provide good suggestion and guidance to the team members. He has good communication skills during working on L3 sub-team.
  • PENG WANG: Da is good technical leader and very active in product improving.
Written on September 2, 2015